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Academic Projects

We offer a comprehensive range of Flutter academic projects that provide students with hands-on experience in developing cross-platform mobile applications. These projects are designed to equip students with the necessary skills to excel in mobile application development using Flutter.

The projects involve creating various mobile applications such as e-commerce apps, social media apps, utility apps, and more using Flutter. Students will learn to design user interfaces, manage state, interact with APIs, and implement animations in Flutter.

By the end of the projects, students will have a deep understanding of Flutter, Dart programming language, and mobile application development. They will gain practical experience in using Flutter SDK, designing user interfaces, managing state in Flutter apps, and interacting with APIs.

Flutter Academic Project Titles

Complete your Academic Projects with Pro-Mentorship under Expert Professionals

1) Shopaholic’s Paradise

Dive into the development of an e-commerce app, “Shopaholic’s Paradise”, that transforms online shopping experiences with features like product listing, cart functionality, and a secure checkout process.

2) Chitter Chatter

A real-time chat application that enables seamless communication between users, fostering connections and conversations.

3) Weather Wizard

A dynamic weather forecasting app that fetches real-time weather data from a public API, providing users with accurate weather updates.

4) TaskMaster

A comprehensive Todo List app that helps users organize their tasks efficiently, enhancing productivity and time management.

5) FitByte

A personal fitness tracking app that monitors and provides insights into users’ fitness activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

6) Gourmet To Go

A food delivery app that brings delicious food from various restaurants right to the users’ doorstep.

7) Wanderlust

A travel planner app that assists users in planning their dream vacations, from destination suggestions to itinerary creation.

8) Melodious Maximus

A music player app that plays local files as well as streams music from the internet, providing users with a melodious experience.

9) Penny Pincher

An expense tracker app that helps users manage their income and expenses efficiently, fostering financial responsibility.

10) EduVista

An online learning platform where users can enroll in courses, watch video lectures, and take quizzes, promoting continuous learning and development.

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