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Laravel Full Stack Development opens up a world of possibilities for developers seeking a comprehensive skill set in web application creation. At its core, Laravel, a powerful PHP framework, provides a robust foundation for managing server-side logic, handling databases, and ensuring secure and scalable back-end functionality. With an expressive syntax and a wealth of built-in features, Laravel simplifies complex tasks, empowering developers to focus on building innovative solutions.


Moving to the front-end, Laravel seamlessly integrates with Blade, its templating engine, enabling developers to craft elegant and responsive user interfaces. This fusion of back-end and front-end capabilities creates a synergy that is essential for modern web development. By mastering Laravel’s full-stack capabilities, developers can create cohesive, feature-rich applications that deliver a seamless user experience.


Whether you are a seasoned developer looking to enhance your skills or a newcomer eager to embark on a full-stack journey, Laravel offers a versatile and powerful toolkit. Embrace Laravel Full Stack Development to navigate the complexities of contemporary web application development, ensuring your ability to create impactful and scalable solutions for diverse user needs.

  • Html – 8 Hours (2 days)
  • CSS – 8 Hours (2 days)
  • Bootstrap – 7 Hours (1.5 days)
  • Machine Test (Including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap) – 12 Hours (3 days)
  • JavaScript – 20 Hours (5 days)
  • PHP+Machine test – 56 Hours (14 days)
  • MYSQL – 4 Hours (1 day)
  • Laravel – 64 Hours (16 days)
  • Mock Interview – 8 Hours (2 days per student 30 min)
  • Aptitude Class+Exam – 3hr and 30 minutes.
  • Group Discussion – 2 Hours