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MERN Stack
Academic Projects

Embark on the journey of web development with our MERN academic projects. These projects provide hands-on experience in developing dynamic web applications using the MERN stack, which stands for MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js.

Students will be involved in creating various web applications such as personal portfolio websites, blog platforms, weather apps, and book library systems using the MERN stack. They will learn to write JavaScript code, handle databases, and develop secure web applications.

By the end of the projects, students will have a deep understanding of MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js, server-side scripting, database management, and web application development. They will gain practical experience in using MERN’s ecosystem, writing JavaScript code, and handling databases. This experience will equip them with the skills needed to tackle real-world programming challenges.

MERN Stack Academic Project Titles

Complete your Academic Projects with Pro-Mentorship under Expert Professionals

1) A Comprehensive Student Result Management System

The Student Result Management Website streamlines academic record-keeping, with administrators managing accounts, teachers adding students, and students accessing personalized dashboards. Teachers input scores, fostering efficient record management. Overall, it serves as a user-friendly hub for transparent communication and efficient record-keeping within educational institutions.

2) A Dynamic E-commerce Platform Connecting Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, and Customers

The platform redefines online marketplaces by seamlessly connecting entrepreneurs, service providers, and customers. It offers customizable storefronts for entrepreneurs, specialized hubs for service providers, and a personalized shopping experience for customers. Features like integrated scheduling and real-time communication enhance efficiency and trust. A smart analytics dashboard provides actionable insights, fostering collaboration and innovation in a… Continue reading A Dynamic E-commerce Platform Connecting Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, and Customers

3) ALL-IN-ONE Service Discovery Platform

The Service Discovery Platform simplifies finding local services via a MERN stack, offering a user-friendly interface for customers to explore and filter services by location. Admins manage accounts and listings, while service providers showcase their expertise, creating a two-sided marketplace. Leveraging MERN’s scalability, it aims to revolutionize service discovery by providing real-time updates and geolocation… Continue reading ALL-IN-ONE Service Discovery Platform

4) Academic Blogging Website For Student Engagement

This abstract introduces an innovative Academic Blogging Website powered by the MERN stack, fostering a collaborative academic community. Students can create personalized accounts to share insights and research, promoting knowledge exchange and inclusive discussions. With an intuitive interface and social features, the platform encourages engagement and constructive interactions, contributing to a well-informed academic community.

5) Agri-Business Portal

The MERN-based Farmer’s Direct Sales Portal revolutionizes agricultural markets by enabling direct connections between farmers and consumers. It offers a user-friendly interface for farmers to showcase their products and for customers to make direct purchases, promoting transparency and fair compensation. With features for detailed product information, secure transactions, and a review system, the portal fosters… Continue reading Agri-Business Portal

6) Airline Customer Satisfaction Analysis Website

The Airline Customer Satisfaction Analysis website provides airlines with actionable insights by integrating cutting-edge data collection, analysis, and visualization tools. It collects diverse feedback from passengers and employs advanced analytics to generate comprehensive reports and visually compelling representations. With features like real-time data tracking and sentiment analysis, it equips airlines with the tools needed to… Continue reading Airline Customer Satisfaction Analysis Website

7) Airline Reservation System

The Airline Reservation System offers a user-friendly platform for booking and managing flights, featuring an intuitive search function and streamlined reservation process. Users can customize their bookings and access account management features for flexibility. With robust security measures in place, the system prioritizes user experience and efficiency, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable air travel planning… Continue reading Airline Reservation System

8) Chat Messaging Website

The Chat Messaging Website, built on the MERN stack, offers a dynamic platform for seamless communication. It features real-time messaging, private/group chats, and multimedia sharing. The stack ensures a robust backend and secure data storage, while user authentication prioritizes privacy. With user-friendly profiles and customizable settings, it fosters community building with emoji reactions and real-time… Continue reading Chat Messaging Website

9) Civilian Information Report Website

The Civilian Information Report (CIR) app, built on the MERN stack, enhances community safety by facilitating civilian registration and travel monitoring. Users register with verified address proof, select their local police station, and submit detailed travel plans via the app. Pre-approval by destination police stations ensures efficient communication. An emergency button shares real-time location with… Continue reading Civilian Information Report Website

10) Company Management System ERP

The Company Management System powered by ERP streamlines organizational efficiency by providing a user-friendly interface for assessing employee performance. Through intuitive functionalities, HR professionals can calculate and visualize task completion and time metrics. This system prioritizes simplicity, offering real-time metrics for data-driven decision-making and aiding in resource management and project planning. With an intuitive HR… Continue reading Company Management System ERP

11) CompassionLink – A MERN-Based Donation Platform Connecting Hearts and Helping Hands

CompassionLink, built on the MERN stack, fosters community support by facilitating financial assistance. Users can register and post donation requests, which are verified by admins before being made visible. The platform emphasizes community-driven support, with a curated feed of donation requests and a simple “Donate” button for contributions. With its seamless and secure experience, CompassionLink… Continue reading CompassionLink – A MERN-Based Donation Platform Connecting Hearts and Helping Hands

12) Digital Lost and Found Platform

The Digital Lost and Found platform, powered by the MERN stack, facilitates reporting, searching, and recovering lost items within communities. Users can submit detailed reports and search for lost items based on various parameters. With MongoDB for data storage, Express.js for API development, and React.js for the front end, the platform offers an intuitive and… Continue reading Digital Lost and Found Platform

13) Digitizing Healthcare: E-pharma

This project focuses on implementing E-pharma to digitally transform the pharmaceutical industry, enhancing accessibility and convenience for consumers. Despite challenges like regulatory compliance and data security, cutting-edge technologies such as encryption and blockchain are utilized to address these issues. The goal is to establish a robust digital ecosystem that ensures the authenticity of pharmaceutical products… Continue reading Digitizing Healthcare: E-pharma

14) Disaster Management System

The Disaster Management System (DMS) built on the MERN stack is a web-based platform aimed at improving the efficiency of disaster response efforts. It centralizes information on incidents, response teams, and resources, enabling real-time communication and collaboration. Key features include dynamic dashboards for monitoring ongoing disasters, resource management tools, and integration with mapping technologies for… Continue reading Disaster Management System

15) Dynamic Polling Hub

The Real-Time Polling Website, built on the MERN stack, offers a dynamic platform for creating, participating in, and monitoring polls in real-time. React’s architecture ensures a responsive interface, while MongoDB enables efficient data storage and retrieval. Real-time analytics and visualizations provide live insights into poll trends, enhancing user engagement. With features like instant notifications and… Continue reading Dynamic Polling Hub

16) E-Doctor

The E-Doctor project is a MERN-based web application facilitating interaction between certified doctors, patients, and administrators. Certified doctors register through a specialized portal, gaining access to a personalized dashboard for managing appointments and virtual meetings. Patients register and provide health information, enabling them to search for doctors based on specializations and request appointments. Admin approval… Continue reading E-Doctor

17) E-Learning platform

The E-Learning platform, built on the MERN stack, offers interactive courses with personalized learning paths. Students navigate courses easily with React.js, while tutors manage content and provide feedback. Real-time communication tools enhance collaboration, redefining online education.

18) Eco Market: A Platform For Sustainable Living

EcoMarket, powered by the MERN stack, offers a user-friendly interface for buying eco-friendly products. With MongoDB for scalability, Express.js for security, and React for engagement, it prioritizes sustainability and user experience. Features include personalized accounts, secure payments, and detailed product descriptions. EcoMarket promotes conscious consumerism and sustainable living, bridging technology and environmental stewardship.

19) FlexHire – Freelance Platform for Diverse Talents

FlexHire is a MERN-based freelance platform connecting clients with providers across diverse fields. Admins manage operations, while clients post projects and providers bid on them. The platform fosters transparent communication, creating a dynamic marketplace for freelancers and clients to thrive.

20) Food Rescue and Redistribution

The Food Rescue and Redistribution App connects donors with recipients to combat food waste and insecurity. It features user registration, donation listings, geolocation services, matching algorithms, communication tools, inventory management, feedback systems, notifications, and analytics, facilitating efficient food redistribution and community impact.

21) Garbage Management System

The Garbage Management System (GMS) utilizes the MERN stack to provide a comprehensive solution for waste management. It includes modules for user authentication, dashboard insights, waste collection scheduling, reporting and analytics, communication, inventory management, and geolocation mapping. By optimizing routes, tracking collection vehicles, and facilitating stakeholder communication, the GMS ensures efficient and effective waste management… Continue reading Garbage Management System

22) Health Tracker website

The Health Tracker website, powered by the MERN stack, offers users a comprehensive platform for monitoring their wellness journey. With intuitive interfaces, personalized goal-setting, social connectivity, and valuable resources, it goes beyond conventional health monitoring to empower individuals in achieving their health goals and leading fulfilling lives.

23) Multi-Expense Tracker

The Expense Tracker is a user-friendly web app that simplifies finance management for families and professionals. It offers intuitive expense input, smart categorization, and insightful visualizations to track spending. With collaborative features and robust security measures, it empowers users to make informed financial decisions and promotes financial literacy.

24) NextBus Tracker – Simplifying Commutes with Real-Time Bus Tracking

NextBus Tracker is a user-friendly website that offers real-time tracking for public buses, enhancing the commuting experience. Built on the MERN stack, it provides precise bus location updates, simplifying route planning for users. With its intuitive interface and predictive analytics, it promotes sustainable transportation choices and improves accessibility to public transit.

25) Note Hub: Note Taking App

The Note Hub is a collaborative note-taking platform built on the MERN stack, offering students a user-friendly interface to organize, create, and share notes. With features like real-time editing, smart search, and integration with academic calendars, it enhances the academic experience by promoting collaboration, organization, and accessibility.

26) Online Auction system

The Online Auction System, powered by the MERN stack, redefines the auction experience with its user-friendly interface, real-time bidding, and comprehensive search functionality. It fosters a sense of community among users while providing auctioneers with efficient tools for listing and managing auctions.

27) Online Examination and Evaluation System

The Online Examination and Evaluation System, powered by MERN, enables administrators, teachers, and students to manage exams efficiently. Teachers create unique exam links, students authenticate to access exams, and detailed data is securely transmitted for evaluation. With MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js, the system ensures scalability, efficiency, and security, streamlining exam administration and evaluation.

28) Online Library Management System

The Online Library Management System, powered by MERN, offers an intuitive interface for users to search and borrow books. Administrators manage the digital inventory efficiently through a comprehensive dashboard and reporting tools. The platform fosters communication between users and administrators and ensures accessibility across devices for a seamless experience.

29) Online Music Streaming Platform

The MERN-based online music streaming platform offers a vast library of songs across genres, with both free and paid services. Sophisticated algorithms personalize playlists and recommendations for users. Social features enable music sharing and artist following. The platform supports profile handling for personalized music experiences and includes a commenting feature for listener feedback, enhancing user… Continue reading Online Music Streaming Platform

30) Online Ticket Reservation Platform

The Online Ticket Reservation Platform offers a user-friendly interface for booking tickets to various events. Users can easily browse events, select seats, and make secure payments. Social sharing features and personalized accounts enhance user engagement and convenience. The platform prioritizes simplicity and efficiency, providing a hassle-free experience for reserving tickets to memorable events.

31) Productivity Management Website

The Productivity Management Website, built on the MERN stack, offers an intuitive interface for organizing tasks and activities. Leveraging React for dynamic user interaction and MongoDB for flexible data storage, it provides seamless task management and collaboration features. Real-time updates and analytics empower users to optimize productivity and make informed decisions about time allocation. With… Continue reading Productivity Management Website

32) Real Estate Website

The Real Estate Website offers a seamless experience for homebuyers and agents alike. With intuitive navigation and comprehensive listings, users can easily find their dream home. Direct communication channels connect buyers with experienced agents, fostering transparency and personalized assistance. Built on the MERN stack, the platform ensures reliability and performance while prioritizing user experience over… Continue reading Real Estate Website

33) Fitness Website

The Fitness Website, built on the MERN stack, fosters a collaborative environment for fitness tutors to share instructional videos. Admin oversees operations, verifying tutor credentials for quality assurance. Tutors access a dashboard to create content, while users explore a library of approved videos, fostering an interactive learning community. This platform promotes collaboration among fitness professionals… Continue reading Fitness Website

34) Social Media Site

The Social Media Website, developed with the MERN stack, aims to create meaningful connections and seamless communication. Users can create profiles, share thoughts, and connect with others. Key features include chat sections for private and group conversations, emphasizing user privacy and security. With MongoDB for efficient data storage, Express.js for backend robustness, and React for… Continue reading Social Media Site

35) Travel Logging Website

The Travel Logging Website, powered by the MERN stack, allows users to document and share travel experiences with rich multimedia content. Leveraging React for user-friendly interfaces and MongoDB for efficient data storage, users can compose detailed entries, geotag locations, and interact with fellow travelers on an interactive map. Machine learning algorithms provide personalized recommendations based… Continue reading Travel Logging Website

36) VeganBazaar

VeganBazaar is an e-commerce site exclusively for the vegan community, built on the MERN stack. Users register for personalized shopping experiences, accessing a curated selection of vegan products from foods to cosmetics. The platform emphasizes quality and ethical principles, offering an intuitive interface for seamless navigation. More than just a marketplace, VeganBazaar fosters a community… Continue reading VeganBazaar

37) Event Management System

The Event Management System (EMS), driven by the MERN stack, offers a seamless solution for event planning. With intuitive event creation, attendee management, and real-time analytics, it simplifies the entire process. Automated notifications, secure payments, and post-event reporting enhance efficiency and effectiveness. The EMS empowers event managers to orchestrate successful events with ease and confidence,… Continue reading Event Management System

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